About Us

River Soap Werkz

River Soap Werkz is a Canadian Developer and Distributor of 100% natural botanically based earth friendly bath and skincare products. All products are hand crafted from the finest flower and plant essences available and made to the highest standards. Only products that we would in complete confidence use on our own children go out the door!

Our Mantra from the beginning “Different Skin…Different Soap” to match your skins needs with a suitable Shea Butter based soap.


We choose to make natural soap and skin care products that are good for your health, good for your soul and good for the environment.


We only use food grade/cosmetic grade natural ingredients, most of which are organic or wildcrafted. We never use any chemicals such as SLS’s, Parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colourants, preservatives or animal products.


We believe in full ingredient disclosure and that every consumer has the right to know what they use in their products. Our ingredient list is provided on the website and on every product label.